The ​Public Health system in Ohio is comprised of the Ohio Department of Health, 118 Local Health Districts or Departments, health care providers, and public health stakeholders working in partnership to promote and protect the health of Ohioans. Local Health Departments are governed by Chapter 3709 of the Ohio Revised Code and by Chapter 3701-36 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Each city in Ohio constitutes a local health district. Townships and villages of each county combine to form a local health district. Health districts may combine into a single district, such as a city joining with it's county health department, to form a Combined Health District. As Adams County has no cities, it is a single health district served by the Adams County Health Department.

The Adams County Health District Advisory Council is comprised of the chairperson of the Board of Commissioners and a representative from each of the villages and townships within the county. The advisory council appoints the members of the Board of Health and advises the board and health department on matters for the betterment of health and sanitation within the district . The Board of Health appoints the Health Commissioner who serves as the chief executive of the health department and is responsible for carrying out directives and policies enacted by the board.


​The vast majority of funding for the operations of the health department come from local sources through fees for services, inspections, and licensing, contracted services with other organizations, and grants. State funding represents a very small portion of the health department's budget. The 2017 State Subsidy from the Ohio Department of Health to the Adams County Health Department was $5356.13, or about 18-cents for each county resident.

In 2016, the voters of Adams County graciously approved a 0.5-Mil, 5-year levy to provide funding for essential services of the health department. This levy will generate slightly more than $300,000 annually, although this amount will continue to fall as the DP&L power plants on the Ohio River  are revalued and potentially close.    

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