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Are You Prepared?

In an emergency it can take time for help to arrive. Experts recommend having an emergency kit with three-days supply of food, water, and medications for each member of your family. Learn more about making an emergency kit and emergency preparedness plans here

​Nobody knows when the next emergency will happen. The Division of Emergency Preparedness makes plans that we hope will never be used. Partnering with the Adams County Emergency Management Agency, fire departments, emergency medical services, and law enforcement, as well as state and federal agencies, the Division plans for events that could place the public health of Adams County at risk. Regular exercises are held with regional health districts to practice the plans and make sure we are ready to respond if needed. It's much like a fire extinguisher. We buy one and mount it on the wall—in the hopes that it will never be needed.  

              Community Lifesaving

The Adams County MRC Community Lifesaving Program is a county initiative aimed at increasing awareness and survivability from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Bleeding from Trauma.  This program is great for 4-H Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Community Groups and Churches.  Contact us at (937) 544-5547, Extension 111 to scheduled this training for your organization.  This training is provided at no cost through a 2018 Challenge Award.  

​​Want to Help?

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Program coordinates the skills of practicing and retired physicians, nurses and other health professionals as well as other citizens interested in health issues, who are eager to volunteer to address their community's ongoing public health needs and to help their community during large-scale emergency situations. ​For more information, call us at 937-544-5547. Our next training is March 25 at 6:00 pm.



​Emergency Preparedness